Wix vs. WordPress? The Data Doesn’t Lie

Httparchive published the First Contentful Paint scores of top content management systems. It showed Wix dead last behind every CMS in the analysis for the fastest scores.

However, Wix pulled ahead of  WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal in other areas.

The data reveals actionable trends.

First contentful paint (FCP) is a user experience metric. It measures how fast a webpage shows usable content to site visitors.

Wix performed last out of the four content management systems under consideration.

In the full analysis of the performance of 25 content management systems, including Weebly, TYpo3 and others, Wix performed the worst.

What the graph shows is that:

  • Only 7.99 percent of the Wix sites measured were able to earn a Fast ranking.
  • 30.94 percent the WordPress sites measured achieved a Fast ranking.

That’s a huge performance difference between Wix and WordPress – 7.99 percent versus 30.94 percent.

Fastest Mobile FCP Scores

Wix performance scores actually improved when tested in the mobile environment.

Of all the Wix sites measured, 9.01 percent were able to achieve a ranking of Fast on mobile.

Nevertheless, Wix is still ranked last out of a total of 290 content management systems analyzed for achieving a score of Fast.

The number of WordPress sites ranked as Fast on mobile was 19.12 percent.

Wix Beats WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Among the top content management systems, Wix is a winner in the area of First Contentful Paint that arguably matters the most.
There were three rankings for the speed at which First Contentful Paint was achieved: Fast, Average, and Slow.
Every content management system analyzed had more sites ranking as Average than Fast or Slow.

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