Harnessing Organic Social Media to Boost Sales

Organic social media remains a strong revenue generator for merchants when carefully planned and executed.

In this 30-minute instant webinar, Samantha Collier, a social media pro and Practical Ecommerce contributor, breaks down the process of aligning products, messaging, and content formats for max results.

  • The 3 guiding principles to reach today’s social media users.
  • The relationship of product lifecycles to promotional tactics.
  • Essential content formats across social platforms and target audiences.

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Where Does Dreamweaver Fit in Modern Web Design?

Dreamweaver has long been a staple for web designers. The trailblazing tool was first released back in 1997 by Macromedia.

I’ve been a user since 1999. I had a contracting gig. The client insisted that I use Dreamweaver. I wasn’t thrilled about this as I had come to despise WYSIWYG editors. The apps I tried wrote sloppy code. They weren’t for me.

But this software left a positive impression. Dreamweaver produced clean code and made my job easier. I found it to be miles ahead of my text editor. And I remained a fan as Adobe acquired the app in 2005.

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