12 Hidden Functions of WhatsApp

Do you need to know what time your message was read or hide your last connection? We tell you how.

WhatsApp was born in 2009 and  now it’s the most engaged instant messaging service in the world. Over the years, the Facebook-owned platform has evolved to integrate more tools to connect its millions of users around the world. However, not all of them are well known.

Telcel published on its blog a list of 12 hidden WhatsApp functions that you can use right now.

12 hidden functions of WhatsApp

1. Change the text format in WhatsApp

You can add a different intention to your messages through bold, italics or strikethrough. You just have to add a couple of characters before and after the text: * bold * , _cursive_ and ~ crossed out ~ .

2. Temporary messages

These “self-destructing” messages serve to protect valuable information as they disappear after a while. To use this function, one of the newest in the application, you must:

  • Touch the name of the contact within the chat
  • Select the Messages option
  • Turn on the Temporary Messages switch.

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