Removing Low Quality Pages

Removing Low Quality Pages Won’t Result in Sitewide Google Rankings Boost


At State of Search this week, I asked Gary Illyes from Google about the issue surrounding removing or noindexing low quality content versus leaving it or improving it. It has been a long debated topic from SEOs, especially for those sites suffering from Panda issues.

I specifically asked about whether or not noindexing low quality content would improve the rankings on the remaining higher quality pages on the site, and it seems as though simply removing low quality content isn’t necessarily the “quick rankings fix” many assumed it was.

Its not guaranteed that you will see any positive effect from that. Basically if you have lots of crappy content pages and hopefully you are not going to rank for those pages, but if you do and you noindex those pages, then you are lowering your own traffic by noindexing those pages.

I don’t like the idea of noindexing pages, I would much rather see site owners improve the pages that show up in the search results. For those that don’t show up in the search results, those are not indexed, and if they are not indexed then typically they are not affecting your site.

This is something I also recommend – before removing content, check to see if there are any visitors to those pages and if there are Google search referrals to them. If there are, Google considers them high enough quality to at least include in the search results.

He does state that there are exceptions, such as if a site has been hacked and injected with a bunch of spam.

There are corer cases – for example of there are hacked pages, those will absolutely affect your search presence. Otherwise I would clearly work to improve those pages.

So removing low quality content won’t result in the fast fix with increased rankings across the rest of the site.

Know the best seo tools and techniques to dominate SERP

In this day and age, if any website, blog or business wants to stay on the top where it is easily visible to the public, they need to focus on their SEO. However, the tricky thing about SEO is that the techniques are always changing. People often find when they get the hang of a current SEO strategy that is also working for their business; a new shift in the world of SEO renders it useless.

It can be hard to keep on track; you need to be on your toes all the time. This is why this article brings you an overview of the top SEO trends for 2017 and beyond, along with a list of the best SEO tools 2017 brings for you which will still be relevant beyond 2017.

The Top Trends for SEO That Help You Select the Best Tools
Best Seo Tools 2017

SEO strategies in 2017 will be reflective of how the world of internet is changing. Primarily, if you want to know the best tool for SEO in 2017, you should first know about the best strategies, because these strategies will affect your selection of the tool. Here is what you should focus on:

1. Optimize for the Mobile
More and more people are using handheld devices to access the internet. Slowly, the internet is leaning towards a more mobile-dominated user base. This means the SEO professionals need to keep this in mind and optimize the content for the mobile.

However, while a basic mobile optimization is still taking place, it is important to start thinking of the mobile as the primary device for accessing content. This means some content should be designed keeping in mind the mobile first!

2. Provide Quality of Content
The new Google algorithm is constantly taking stock of the quality of engagement people have with your content. What this means is that instead of ranking websites on the quantity, search engines are now actually ranking them for quality. Google wants to see how engaged people are with your content by keeping track of their shares, link following, bounce rates and other things. The search engines want to see how much time people are willing to spend on you, and this is not recorded for individual posts or content, but for the overall website. This means SEO professionals should be cautious in putting in engaging content. If they focus on quantity, but only three posts are engaging, you are going to suffer from negative points from Google.

3. Enable Voice Search
Best Seo Tools 2017Is your site properly optimised for the fastest growing type of search?

Voice search algorithms have vastly improved. With more and more people asking Siri and Google questions, there is a rising trend for spoken search.

This is why your content your be optimized for voice search. Experts predict this will be a significant trend in the future.

So your best SEO tools 2017 should enable you to optimize for voice search.

4. MicroFormats
Google is focusing more and more on local search. Especially with small businesses, Google wants to carry out a specific local intent. With the rise of local ads and local searches, it is important that you optimize your content for microformats. This would include optimizing for local ads and local keywords. Therefore, your SEO keyword tool should primarily be designed for this.

5. Artificial Intelligence
With the rise of voice search, Google has also started using artificial intelligence to generate search pages. This is happening because more and more people are using voice and conversation to look up information on Google, and this is supplementing its AI.

SEO professionals can harness this opportunity by targeting long-tail keywords because most of the websites are very slow in adapting to the change related to Voice Search and AI. And long keywords provide low competition keywords that can be very effective in drawing in traffic.

Now let’s move onto the tools.

Best SEO Tools 2017 & Beyond

Best SEO Tools 2017

1. Google Search Console
Google search console should be a must-have in your list of best SEO tools 2017. This is because this tool brings in SEO information directly from Google. This was previously known as Google’s Webmaster Tool. The best thing about this tool is that it is designed to receive updates from Google. What does this mean for your website? It means if Google finds something wrong with your site or the content, Google will let you know immediately. And this is very beneficial.

Other than the direct news and updates, Google Search Console also provides you with useful search analytics. It will let you know of the changes in keyword positioning or anything else, and while other tools can do the same for you, having this information directly from Google itself can have more benefits, as there is more depth to it. Google provides you a different level of richness in all of these notifications and news –it can make help you make significant changes in your SEO strategy.

2. KW Finder
This tool never gets old and for a good reason. KW Finder is by far one of the best tools when it comes to keyword search, and this is because they are always upgrading themselves to improve their results. While the SEO experts are recommending focusing more on the search intent than the keywords, in 2017, however, the fact remains that keywords will still be very relevant. This is because Google is not human after all, and while it may be employing AI to understand the intent of the searchers, it is still reliant on keywords as well.

KW Finder has many useful features such as their SEO Difficulty Value tool which allows you to see your keyword strength in comparison with others’. It also gives you the trend of the past 12 months of search, to enable you to understand the keyword trends and rank yourself. Their research pages are also incredibly detailed and allow you to analyze your data on multiple levels.

3. Serpstat
All of the best SEO tools 2017 has brought in the market are available on subscription. This means getting individual tools can be pricey. What most people need is an all-rounder tool that touches upon multiple aspects of SEO. A single subscription of Serpstat helps you with keyword search, Rank tracking, backlinks, competitor analysis, SEO audit and a lot more.

One of the best features of Serpstat is that it allows you to keep an eye on 100 competitors. In fact, the moment a significant new competitor comes in your radius, Serpstat instantly identifies it and brings it to your notice. It also allows you to see which keywords are missing in your domain and which keywords are particularly common. So if you can only invest in one SEO tool, Serpstat is your all-rounder option to invest in!

4. SerpWoo
SerpWoo is an SEO tool with a particular focus on your competitors. This is why it will always be relevant in 2017 and beyond because there will always be a need to analyze your competitors. So how does SerpWoo work, and what are its best features?

Basically, SerpWoo tracks down movements of your opponents in very fruitful ways. First, it allows you to see any new competitors in the domain. However, this isn’t where it stops. You can paste the URL of your competitors in SerpWoo, and it will give you a whole run down on their keywords, backlink sources and much more.

This enables you to get a step ahead of them. You can see what your competitors are aiming for, and try to do those things before them. It also enables you to build good backlinks and guest posts.

5. SEO Pop
Best SEO Tools 2017

Other than Serpstat, another all-rounder tool is SEO pop. SEO pop does a lot for your website in just one subscription.

First of all, there is the SEO score that lets you see where you rank. However, this isn’t where it stops. SEO pop allows you to see your five big mistakes that are costing you so that you can fix it.

Once these are done, it will have more suggestions for you. Other than SEO ranking, it has you covered regarding traffic estimation, Onpage SEO Audit, Page speed and Load times and even page analysis.

Perhaps the attractive feature of SEO Pop is its mobile optimization. In 2017 more and more users are using mobile devices, so if a tool needs to be on the best SEO tools 2017 list, it needs to feature mobile optimization in a big way.

These were some of the best SEO tools 2017 that will help you with your SEO strategy in 2017 and beyond. You can use these tools to help you supplement your SEO strategy.

However, it is important to remember that while you rely on these tools, it is also important to consistently stay in touch with the changes in the SEO world, so if anything significant changes, you can use your tools to make changes quickly and efficiently. So invest in your SEO because it pays back in conversions!