Unpacking ‘Demand Gen’ Google Ads

Google Ads can capture demand from consumers searching for products, info, and more. A shopper searching for laptop cases will see a slew of choices in Search and Shopping ads. However, a weakness of Google Ads is generatingdemand.

Google’s Display Network is helpful with its audience and contextual targeting. But many advertisers prefer the extensive targeting capabilities of Facebook and LinkedIn. For example, LinkedIn can target by job titles. Moreover, ad formats and placements on the two social platforms tend to be cleaner. A Facebook ad shows within the feed as if it were a post.

Google Ads had responded. Its new Demand Gen campaigns, launched in June, “help advertisers who buy on social platforms find and convert consumers with immersive, relevant, and visual creatives that grab attention and spur action in the right moment.”

Demand Gen

Per Google, Demand Gen will replace Discovery campaigns. Demand Gen ads will appear on YouTube (including Shorts), Gmail, and the Discover app. Discovery campaign advertisers can switch to Demand Gen beginning next month.

Demand Gen advertisers can optimize for sales, but the emphasis is micro-conversions, such as email signups and page views. Google says Demand Gen campaigns appeal to social media advertisers in five ways:

  • Expanded reach,
  • Tailored ad experiences,
  • Flexible bidding options,
  • Reporting and measurement,
  • Audiences.

Expanded reach

Appearing on YouTube Shorts is a key benefit of Demand Gen campaigns. Videos on Shorts are 60 seconds, vertical, and viewed 50 billion times daily per TechCrunch. Like Facebook and Instagram Reels, Shorts show ads as users scroll. The ads are in-feed and therefore not disruptive. The Shorts’ audience is a massive opportunity for advertisers.

Tailored ad experiences

Discovery campaigns show only image ads and product feeds. Demand Gen campaigns include those formats plus videos and carousels.

Bringing the carousel format to Google allows advertisers to showcase more products and themes. Like Responsive Display Ads, all Demand Gen formats reside in one campaign, optimized toward the campaign goal.

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