Tips to Improve WiFi

Tips to Improve WiFi

Reboot Equipment

Reboot your modem/router and devices by powering them off and back on for optimal performance.

Disconnect Other Devices

Disconnect other devices and close all other programs/applications on your device to eliminate network congestion. Disconnect from any VPN’s.

Stand in Different Places

Test your speed in different places around your home. Distance from the router and interfering objects can affect speeds.

Move Your Router

Place your router in a central, elevated, open location away from walls, metal objects, and objects that transmit radio waves like cordless phones, microwaves, & Bluetooth devices.

Check Device Limits

Check the owner’s manual for your device to find out if it’s capable of processing high speeds. Even many recently-purchased computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. are not capable of  broadband speeds, especially over WiFi.

Connect to 5GHz Network

If you have a dual-band router, connect to the 5 GHz network (unless your device isn’t compatible) and stand near the router.

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