How does ransomware get on your computer?

99 times out of 100, ransomware gets on your computer when you deliberately choose to put it there.

You don’t know that’s what you’re doing. You’re tricked into it. But you choose to put it there. You voluntarily, of your own free will, allow it to run on your computer.

Some of the ways this happens:

  • You receive an email that says it’s from the IRS. You are being investigated for tax fraud. If you do not pay the attached invoice, an arrest warrant will be issued for you. Oh no! You get a jolt of adrenaline. Fear inhibits the prefrontal cortex. You stupidly click the “invoice,” which has a name designed to fool you like “”, and boom, you’re infected.
  • You receive an email that says “I paid you the money but I never received my product. I’ve attached my bank statement to prove I paid you.” Same thing. You click on the “bank statement.” It’s not a bank statement, of course, it’s ransomware.
  • You’re browsing the web. A popup appears: “Your copy of Adobe Flash is out of date. Click here to update. If you don’t update you will not be able to watch movies.” You click on the updated. Boom! You’ve just infected yourself. (Hint: there are never ever ever any real Adobe Flash player updates ever. Adobe discontinued Flash years ago. I do not understand why this trick still works.)
  • You’re browsing the web. A window appears: “WARNING!!!! CRITICAL SYSTEM ERROR!!!! Your computer is infected with 8 COMPUTER VIRUSES! Your files will be destroyed! Click here to download Norton® Mcaffee® Antivirus by Avast® to fix this problem!” It’s a lie, of course. You aren’t infected. But you’re scared, and scared people are stupid, and so you click to install the “antivirus,” which is of course ransomware. Congratulations! You have just been tricked into voluntarily infecting yourself by your own choice of your own free will.
  • You want to run Microsoft Office but you don’t want to pay for it. So you Google how to get it for free and find yourself on a site that advertises a cracked version of Office (or a game or Photoshop or whatever). The crack includes a bonus surprise: ransomware!

Basically, almost all ransomware infections are some sort of variation on this idea. Someone lies to you to trick you into infecting yourself.

Protect Your Business Privacy with This Decentralized Security Hardware

Secure and enhance your browsing on a decentralized network.

Nearly half of all cyberattacks target small businesses. That’s an extraordinary statistic that should make any entrepreneur think twice about security. If you’re looking for a powerful, portable security solution for your business (which is very likely mobile these days), look no further than Deeper Connect Nano Decentralized VPN Cybersecurity Hardware.

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These Are the Scam Apps That You Should Remove Right Now From Your Phone

If you are a Google Play Store user, pay attention to these applications as they could generate expenses of hundreds of dollars a month.

Recently, the Avast team managed to identify various rogue mobile applications. These work through the Google Play Storeand mainly affect fans of the Minecraft video game, as well as users of other games.

These applications are part of fleeceware, a category of cyber crime that hooks users through “attractive services” such as colorful wallpapers and various modifications for video games. They also offer trial periods for a very short period of time, and then each one starts charging from $ 30 to $ 90 per week.

Later, those in charge of these applications rely on users to forget that they have them installed or the real cost of the subscription. Likewise, they take advantage of vulnerable sectors such as children, because children may not understand the consequences of carrying out these downloads. That’s why Ondrej David, who leads Avast’s malware analysis team, noted:

“We encourage our customers to remain vigilant when downloading any applications from unknown developers and to always carefully research user reviews and billing agreements before subscribing.”

Next, we share the name of the fraudulent applications that were detected so that you can remove them from your mobile devices:

  1. Skins for Roblox
  2. MasterCraft for Minecraft
  3. Skins, Mods, Maps for Minecraft PE
  4. Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Background
  5. Master for Minecraft
  6. Boys and Girls Skins
  7. Maps Skins and Mods for Minecraft

What to do if you have these applications installed?

According to the Avast experts, it is not enough to locate and uninstall the mentioned applications. Therefore, it is necessary for users to cancel the subscription in the Play Store. You can do this by accessing the application, then the menu that appears in the upper left and then subscriptions. From there you can cancel all the mentioned services.

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Watch Out! If You Have These Applications, the ‘Joker’ Malware Is Stealing Your Data

Watch out! 17 new applications have been withdrawn from the Play Store due to ” Joker “, the malware that attacks Androidapps and forces Google to strengthen the security of its store. It hurts users through text messages and WAP payments.

The problems were reported to Google by the Zscaler team, cybersecurity experts. “This spyware is designed to steal SMS messages, contact lists, and device information, as well as silently registering the victim for premium wireless application protocol (WAP) services,” the experts explain.

The 17 affected applications are:

  1. All Good PDF Scanner
  2. Mint Leaf Message-Your Private Message
  3. Unique Keyboard – Fancy Fonts & Free Emoticons
  4. Tangram App Lock
  5. Direct Messenger
  6. Private SMS
  7. One Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator
  8. Style Photo Collage
  9. Meticulous Scanner
  10. Desire Translate
  11. Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus
  12. Care Message
  13. Part Message
  14. Paper Doc Scanner
  15. Blue Scanner
  16. Hummingbird PDF Converter – Photo to PDF
  17. All Good PDF Scanner

Specialists recommend uninstalling these applications, as well as paying attention to the list of permissions in the apps you install on your Android devices, especially those related to SMS, call logs and contacts.

“Reading the comment or reviews on the application page also helps identify compromised applications,” they explain.

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This VPN Is a Must-Have for Remote-Based Small Businesses

Browse faster and more securely with this innovative tool.

Remote work presents a number of challenges for teams. From collaborating on projects, running effective meetings, building a culture, and a myriad of other issues, the new normal of “office” life will come with some growing pains. But have you thought about digital security?

When individuals are all connecting to business information from different internet connections, it’s hard to ensure that your company’s precious data is protected. That’s where Speedify 10 Bonding VPN comes in.

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Your website visitors need to accept cookies for data tracking to function.

Certain data privacy laws may require the website you operate to allow visitors the right to choose whether they want to be tracked or not while visiting your website. 

If you have a website that has third party integrations (Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel) you will need to turn ON the cookie banner when you republish your website. Data will only be tracked if visitors click “Accept” in the cookie banner. This also applies to the data we track to optimize the user experience on the website, such as the “add to cart” workflow. 

We have made this change to help you comply with data privacy requirements that may apply to your website. We’re committed to providing data transparency for our customers, and helping them stay compliant with current rules. 

What’s new: 
•All of our tracking and third-party tracking integrations now require visitors to opt-in by clicking the “Accept” button on the cookie banner.
•The cookie banner will be turned ON by default for new websites. You will need to turn ON the cookie banner for previously published websites and republish the site if you want to enable any third-party tracking integration. If the cookie banner is not turned ON, then any third-party tracking integrations will not collect data.
•The new cookie banner includes a “Decline” button. Clicking “Decline” will opt out of tracking and close the cookie banner.
To learn more, and make sure your website’s functionality is set, check out this help article.

Why Entrepreneurship Should Be Taught Before College

What would the world look like if kids grew up understanding the potential that entrepreneurship offers?

I wish I’d been taught entrepreneurship when I was young for lots of reasons. 

As a farm boy in Idaho, all I knew about my potential career was that I didn’t want to be poor when I grew up. My grandpa, who was a successful doctor, suggested I become an anesthesiologist, and I latched onto his advice as if it were gospel. 

But if I had found out I was wired to be an entrepreneur early on, I would have entered my college years with a stronger sense of who I was, and had a more deliberate plan.  

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Why Freelancers Need a VPN in 2020

Among freelancers, it’s almost a point of pride to be able to work lean. Whether you’re a graphic designer, coder, or writer, you don’t need much more than a decent laptop, steady internet connection, and maybe a fresh cold brew to bring home the bacon. This is partly why so many freelancers are able to work practically anywhere, anytime.

But, if there’s one thing virtually every freelancer could benefit from adding to their work setup, it’s a VPN. On top of the obvious privacy protections a VPN brings, there are plenty of other benefits that can help you work smarter and even save money while you’re busy living the freelancer dream. Read on for details:

Tips to Improve WiFi

Tips to Improve WiFi

Reboot Equipment

Reboot your modem/router and devices by powering them off and back on for optimal performance.

Disconnect Other Devices

Disconnect other devices and close all other programs/applications on your device to eliminate network congestion. Disconnect from any VPN’s.

Stand in Different Places

Test your speed in different places around your home. Distance from the router and interfering objects can affect speeds.

Move Your Router

Place your router in a central, elevated, open location away from walls, metal objects, and objects that transmit radio waves like cordless phones, microwaves, & Bluetooth devices.

Check Device Limits

Check the owner’s manual for your device to find out if it’s capable of processing high speeds. Even many recently-purchased computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. are not capable of  broadband speeds, especially over WiFi.

Connect to 5GHz Network

If you have a dual-band router, connect to the 5 GHz network (unless your device isn’t compatible) and stand near the router.