Using Cyberduck

Cyberduck is another free ftp program, below are the simple steps to use. There are 7 steps listed below for downloading to your computer or uploading from your computer.

Step 1. go to to download and install program. Once program is installed, you should see the window below. If program is already installed, go to step 2.

Step 2. click on Open Connection to access your server. You should see this window below, just enter your server, username, and password information and select connect

Step 3: Click continue at this screen

Step 4: This is the inside of your server, just click upload to go to your harddrive where your file is

Step 5: This window will appear when you select upload. Select your file and upload. 

Step 6: This window will appear when you select download. Select your file and download. 

Step 7: This window will appear to let you select where to put files on your harddrive. 

Author: georged31093

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