The Best Ecommerce Content for LinkedIn

Social media drives ecommerce sales. But each social channel is different, requiring unique content for that audience. I’ve addressed the best ecommerce content for InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.

I’ll discuss LinkedIn in this post.

LinkedIn Content for Ecommerce

LinkedIn has transformed from an employment site, mainly, to a primary networking destination for professionals. The users are active. Many hold significant purchasing power within their companies, making it a B2B lead-generation magnet.

It’s the B2B audience that makes LinkedIn unique and different from Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, which are consumer-focused. Hence, the platform is best for merchants with business customers, and the content should follow.

Articles on your company’s LinkedIn page should raise awareness about your business and spark engagement. Focus on industry and company developments, product releases, specification details, management tactics, revenue and expense tips, and similar.

Google’s page, for example, includes profiles of employees and team-building articles. One of the best came from Robert Enslin, president of cloud sales, when he shared his collaboration approach.

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