The 3 Essentials to Retain Online Buyers after the Pandemic

Worldwide consumers have turned to ecommerce during the Covid-19 pandemic, creating new buying habits that may not revert to brick-and-mortar shopping afterward. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll address three critical tactics to retain the new customers when the coronavirus passes.

3 Essentials to Retain Online Buyers

  • Understanding the opportunity. New shopping habits are forming. For significant portions of spring 2020, non-essential, brick-and-mortar stores were closed and consumers were staying at home. We’ll address the opportunity — examples — to use these new habits to create long-term customer relationships.
  • Prioritizing customers. Purchase data and customer demographics identify retention priorities. We’ll provide a framework to learn more about your new pandemic-driven customers and, also, how to prioritize — to focus on retaining those buyers that are the most valuable to your business.
  • Critical action steps. The increase in ecommerce transactions may be a boon for many online businesses, but the secret to long-term ecommerce growth is customer retention. We’ll review detailed outreach tactics — automated and manual — to convert pandemic-driven buyers into long-term, loyal shoppers.
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