Search competitor analysis: backlinks, keywords and pages

One process for finding link opportunities that I didn’t cover is competitor backlink analysis.

Competitor analysis is fundamental to creating a link-building campaign. You’ll learn which tactics are securing links for the competition, which pages are driving search traffic, anchor text distribution, the competitive landscape and more.

Solid competitive analysis provides:

  • niche insight: linking environment, competitive landscape, potential link opportunities;
  • competitor tactics: sponsorships/partnerships, blogger outreach, affiliate marketing, guest posting and so on; and
  • content analysis: competitor strategies, popular topics and formats, content gaps.

In this post, I’ll walk through competitor analysis, using a running example to highlight the important information you can learn by checking your competitors’ backlinks, keywords and content.

My example for this post will be 1Up Box, a monthly subscription box that delivers “epic gear for geeks and gamers.” I fancy myself a bit of a geek/gamer, and I’ve definitely toyed with the idea of purchasing 1Up Box. They are, of course, not a client.

Author: georged31093

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