Preparing Your Business and/or Website For The Holidays

My advice is to be prepared. Preparation for a holiday ecommerce marketing campaign should at least include the following activities:

  • Schedule your campaign activities: From creative, to technical, to launch, it’s critical that campaign activities are scheduled well in advance, with plenty of buffer room for the inevitable hurdles that you’ll face.
  • Make sure you’ll be adequately staffed: Increased activity means increased need for customer service and fulfillment staff. Make sure you’ll be ready. Customers don’t care that your order volume is the cause of slower response times. They expect the same level of service all year long. Consider adding live chat. This is a great way to address customer concerns and keep them moving down the funnel.
  • Give your site a festive, holiday feel: This tends to heighten the emotional shopping experience, which can boost conversions!
  • Feature your top sellers and offer gift suggestions.
  • Figure out your holiday shipping deadlines and plan to post them prominently: This is both helpful as well as adds a subtle bit of urgency, which is a conversion booster. Plus, it’ll mean fewer headaches on the fulfillment side.
  • Determine which channels to focus on: Will it be email, blog posts, Facebook ads, etc.?  Get a clear picture of your channels so you can develop strategies for each, and perhaps an overall strategy that makes them all a cohesive unit.
  • Develop landing pages for specific products and promotions: These convert much better than a standard product detail page.
  • Track your results: Make sure you’re tracking individual campaigns and channels, as well as money in vs money out.

Author: georged31093

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