Posting Video Files From Your Phone or Computer

Video files are huge, those nice android and iPhone cameras takes some amazing videos. But, how do you let people see these files or send these files to your web page or designer to be included in your website?

If you just want to show someone your video

  1. The simplest and fastest way is to post that video to your Facebook page.

If you want to send to your designer to be included in your website

  1. The easy way is to post them to your YOUTUBE.COM account and give them the link to these files. If you have a gmail account, you have a youtube account.
  2. Another way is to TRANSFER that video file to your server and your designer will grab that video from your server and embed it into your web project.

These are the non technical ways. Of course there are technical ways that involve using your dropbox account and other online storage accounts.

Author: georged31093

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