New Site Uptime Monitor Installed

 1. You protect the professional image of your business 

A professional brand image is important. The brand image of your business depends on the level of customer satisfaction.

Frequent downtime issues can jeopardize the reputation of your online business. Monitoring your website is the best way to prevent these unwanted hazards and protect the image of your business.

2. You keep your customers happy 

If your customers frequently access your website, you need high levels of uptime to ensure that your customers are happy.

If a downtime issue is unresolved for a prolonged period of time, then chances are quite likely that your customers will switch to your competitor.

3. You prevent losing sales 

Frequent downtime issues can lead to lost sales. Some years ago, Amazon was down for only two hours. This led to a loss of $3.48 million. Website uptime is vital to online stores.

4. You make sure that your pages get good search engine rankings 

Google does not like websites that are down. If your website comes up with constant downtime issues for one or more days, then it can suffer a huge setback in how your site is ranked by Google in its search results.

The search rankings of your web pages is influenced by the downtime and the speed of your website.

5. You detect hackers fast 

One of the potential reasons that can lead to downtime are hackers. If a hacker compromises your website and puts in malicious code then your website is sure to suffer a setback. Website monitoring (and checking your pages for particular words) informs you about downtimes as they happen.

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