Immediate Changes

Jan 3, 2017

The following is a basic list of services that are provided behind the scene to make sure your projects are functional.

Each day we use our Site Uptime Monitoring System to keep an eye on your websites around the clock and get notifications whenever something happens. In addition, once a day, we manually visit your home page to see with our own eyes that your main website is active.

We monitor your site traffic to adjust to any spike in visitors and adjust your bandwidth accordingly.

Each year, we make sure your copyright date at the bottom of all your pages reflect the current year. Some companies don’t know how they disqualify themselves by having the wrong date showing on their website.

If you contact us for modifications, the following additional services are completed.

After we complete your modification request, we back up your project locally(from our computer) and remotely(on your hosting server)

Each month we archive your project the old fashion way, to DVD disks. We have clients projects dating back to the day we started.

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