I Cannot Login Into My Control Panel Account At Affordable Domain

Problem: Some clients may have a problem logging into their control panel at affordabledomains.ws.

Solution 1: Make sure you use the account number and password EXACTLY as it was given to use.  The password IS CaSe sensitive.

Solution 2: If you have completed the above, make sure you have cleared your browsers temporary files or use a different browser. This step is recommended if you’ve logged in before AND your password has changed.

Solution 3: This solution requires a little more work. You have to basically verify that you are using the correct account number and call in pin which was provided to you. If you need your account number and call in pin, email us at support@affordablewebsites.net.

  1. Call 1-480-624-2500 and when prompted, enter your account number, when prompted for your “call in pin”, enter your ‘call in pin” – Note: if you are asked for an option to choose from, this will confirm TO YOU that the account number and call in pin is correct.
  2. The option for you to choose to get the correct support person is “OPTION 1”
  3. Once you get a LIVE person, tell them you are just verifying that your account number is correct.

Author: georged31093

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