How Business Owners Can Optimize Cash Flow During A Crisis

For small-business owners, fiscal management is the key to weathering the COVID-19 crisis. Cash flow issues associated with late payments are at the top of the list of concerns, as they can trigger a chain reaction: Companies that receive late payments end up making late payments themselves. Of course, empathy is key at this time. How you interact with your clients and suppliers now can affect your future relationships.

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About the Speakers

Ben Richmond, U.S. Country Manager at Xero, the global small-business platform, will share some of the concrete steps business owners can take to better manage cash flow and late payments and outline options for funding for businesses in need during this challenging time. Ben will be joined by Amanda Aguillard, who decided to become a CPA when she was 16 and never looked back. She started Aguillard Accounting, LLC, in 2012, committed to running a cloud-based practice from anywhere in the world.

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