Google: How To Reverse A Site Move & Go Back To Original URLs

Google: How To Reverse A Site Move & Go Back To Original URLs

Apr 19, 2018 • 8:14 am | comments (6)by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Site moves in the SEO world are always scary, moving from one domain to another or one URL structure to another can be nerve racking. But imagine you go through with a site move and then the client wants you to revert back (love that GIF) and go back to the old URL structure or old domain name. That is even more stressful and probably isn’t something so common for most of you.

Well, John Mueller of Google addressed that question in a hangout from earlier this month at the 46:08 mark into the video. He said in short that you need to redirect back to the old domain, make sure that all the external links, internal links, sitemaps, canonicals, etc are probably back to the way they originally were and make sure to do it fast because the longer you leave the new URLs up, the longer it takes Google to revert you back to the old domain.

He also mentioned “good luck” which makes you feel like this is dangerous territory, which it really is.

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