Bing Ads now supports 3rd headline, 2nd description in text ads

Bing Ads now supports 3rd headline, 2nd description in text ads

You can now import your longer ads from Google Ads or create new ones in Bing Ads.

Early Thursday, several people noticed that Bing Ads now supports a third headline and second description (ad text), following Google’s move to give regular expanded text ads the same number of characters as its responsive search ads.

Why you should care

Google added an optional third headline and second description line for expanded text ads in August. Now, just a head of the holiday madness, advertisers can import those same ads into Bing Ads, or create new ones.

Impressively, the latest version of Bing Ads Editor already supports the additional title and text.

With the competitive season upon us, those who adeptly execute these new longer ads could get a leg up on their competition. You should be deliberate in your execution, though, and not just add more characters to your ads without a strategy.

More on the change

  • With this format, each of the headlines can be up to 30 characters long (up from 25) and the descriptions can each be as long as 90 characters (up from 80).
  • The ad copy appears the order it which you write the headlines and descriptions.
  • There is no new name for these longer ads expanded text ads, which were themselves a big change from standard text ads.
  • appears to have been the first to spot this. Shout-outs to Steven Johns, Avinash Murthy, Shashikant Kore and Glen Eckett for alerting us to this update.

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