Backing Up Your Remote Server

We usually backup our systems daily, weekly and monthly. However, most people don’t have that type of time or patience to want to do this so often. Normally your webmaster or hosting company performs backup services on your project. For those that want to backup their files just to have a copy of your web projects we’ve created some basic steps you can follow.

The tools you’ll need (don’t worry they are free)

Step 1. Go to and download a FTP(file transfer protocol) program, called “cyberduck”


Step 2. Once you’ve dowloaded the software, go to your download folder, select it and and install it.


The installer should/will be in your download folder


Click on the INSTALL option


You will/should see this install window



After you’ve installed the software, start the program by double clicking on it. It should/will open to a window that looks like this


Click on the “open connection” tab and enter your FTP info(you get this from either your hosting company or your designer) – SERVER – USERNAME – PASSWORD


Once you have successfully logged in, you should see inside of your server that looks similar to this screenshot below


Copy JUST the public_ftp folder to your hard drive

note: – We use fetch and transmit on our macs and ipswich WS_FTP PRO FOR OR Windows machines. Cyberduck is recommened by a lot of hosting companies so we provided these instructions using that program.

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