About Bots Summary

About Bots

These are basically computer programs that “surf” multiple websites to perform a variety of automated tasks. Examples of bots include those used by the search engines. Those bots retrieve a copy of your web page so that they can include relevant terms from that page in their search index.

These bots are used to achieve and maintain your search engine positioning

Some bots go through your website looking for web forms and email addresses to send you spam. Other bots probe your website for security vulnerabilities.

There are no forms on your website that can be harmfully attacked, your email spam filter will catch 90% of these bots.

Blocking additional unwanted bots is like trying to rid the world of pests.

Trying to block all undesirable bots from your site is like trying to rid the world of pests. If we take the time to remove one, and another few will take its place.

We are more concerned with HARMFUL bots that can breach security, harm your site. Your website is protected from harmful bots, however as mentioned before, additional website security is available.

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