A pretty comprehensive review on the Amazon Cloud Drive

A pretty comprehensive review on the Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Drive reviews have generally not been kind. Leading the list of complaints has been the lack of a sync function, the mainstay of cloud storage. However, much has changed, including its name (it used to be Amazon Cloud Drive), and with little fanfare the service has become much better. In fact, it recently made our list of the ten best Dropbox alternatives mostly on account of its excellent value.

Whether Amazon’s cloud storage service deserves a first, second or tenth look from you will largely depend on your needs. There are still some issues with the service, including a lack of productivity tools and no server-side encryption.

If you’re ready to give the service a try, you can sign up for 5GB of free storage plus unlimited photo storage by heading to www.amazon.com. If you’re still deciding, the following Amazon Drive review will help you determine where it stands in comparison to the best cloud storage services.

For complete details, go to https://www.cloudwards.net/review/amazon-cloud-drive/

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