4 Simple AdWords Features That Every Beginner Overlooks

4 Simple AdWords Features That Every Beginner Overlooks

Before we jump into the lesser-known strategies, let’s just make sure we get the absolute basics out of the way.

The most fundamental question that we need to answer is: Are qualified visitors clicking your ad?

We qualify visitors by the keywords they search, and there’s no faster way to saw through your budget than to show your ads for the wrong keyword searches.

1. Check your search terms report

Step one of any PPC audit is to see what keyword phrases people are searching before clicking your ad. You’ll find the search terms report under the keywords tab.

I still can’t pry myself away from the old AdWords interface, but seeing as Google will officially be forcing the new AdWords interface on us at the end of this year, we’ll show you how it’s done in the new version.

Select the campaign or ad group you want to analyze. Click the keywords tab on the left, then click the search terms tab across the top.

In terms of looking for trouble, it’s a good idea to order the results by the number of clicks. That way, if you see phrases in there you don’t like, you can see the worst offenders at the top.


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