3 Helpful Tips for Better Shipping

While you’re focused on growing your online business, these reminders can help you work more efficiently and keep your customers delighted at the same time.

As an entrepreneur running an online business from your home,  shipping is an essential part of your operation. Taking the time to optimize your shipping process to make it more efficient and cost effective can pay off.

Here are a few ways to improve the shipping experience for your customers and for your bottom line.

1. Create a process and stick to it.

As with any component of your business, creating a standardized process can save you time and money. This is true for shipping as well. For the best shipping outcomes, you should be making your decisions on a per package basis, says Michael Botti, product marketer at Pitney Bowes. This means each package should be weighed to accurately calculate your shipping rate.

“You may qualify for a lower rate if your package is even an ounce lower than what you anticipated it being, so taking the time to weigh your package could in the long run save you a lot of money,” he says.

Also consider all carriers each time you need to ship in order to find the most affordable option for your needs. A shipping solution like SendPro Online can help you with this process by providing a 10-lb scale to weigh packages and a cost comparison tool to make sure you’re choosing the carrier with the best price for each shipment. It can save you time as well by enabling you to print shipping labels yourself. The more you save on each package shipped, the more you can invest back into your business.

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