1 dumb SEO tactic that will get your site penalised

  • 1 dumb SEO tactic that will get your site penalised

Some people still believe that acquiring more links to the homepage of your website will help that website to rank higher. These people are still living in 2005. Google doesn’t rank websites. It ranks pages. That is why you need to link to quality content within your website and not the homepage.

The opposite of this is true.

  • Linking to the homepage of your website is fine. Encouraged even.
  • Depending on the content, linking to a page within your website can be incredibly difficult.
  • Creative pieces designed to get links…fine. It’s almost impossible to get links to commercial pages and trying to do so will vastly reduce your success rate. You’re just wasting your time.
  • Generally, a link building strategy is most successful (i.e. gets the most links and the best results) when using a creative asset, within the site, on its own URL – that is no way tied into a commercial proposition. Homepage is second. Useful content (how-to, guides etc.) is necessary for rankings but it doesn’t get links.
  • Any brand activity

I personally try to make sure that 80% of my links, if not more, are going to internal pages […] What you’ll notice when your internal pages start to get more links, the ranking of your homepage will also start going up. It’s because search engines don’t just try to evaluate where you should rank on a page-by-page basis, but they also look at your website as a whole. This is why sites like About.com and Wikipedia rank for millions of terms.

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