Working overtime is pointless

It’s sad to know that we live in a world where working overtime has become a way of living. I know people who spend more 50-55 hours per week working. And to them it is fine, because they believe this is a measure of their productivity. They believe that if they are not putting those extra hours at work, they are not doing justice to their job.

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But the harsh reality is exactly the opposite. The best judge of productivity is not the number of hours you spend at work. It is the amount of work you do in the designated time. And it’s not hearsay. Scientists are carrying out researches to figure out the ideal number of hours you should spend at work to remain productive.

The results are going to not surprise, but shock everyone. I’m going to shed some light on those statistics. And would also make my point about why working overtime is pointless.

So, let us take a look –

More the number of hours, less is the productivity

Author: georged31093

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