Sustainable Shipping Practices for Your At-Home Business

An environmentally friendly shipping process can save you time and help attract new customers.

One topic that’s been of growing importance among online shoppers is protecting the environment. Increasingly, customers say they want to buy from sustainable brands.

This trend will only continue as younger generations put an added emphasis on greener products and logistics. Among Gen Z participants in a recent study, 85 percent between the ages of 18 and 23 felt that brands should aim to do good in the world.

Though it may seem like your products don’t cause much of an impact when it comes to global emissions, you can be smarter about how you get them from point A to point B. Here are a few ways home-based business owners can be more sustainable when it comes to shipping products.

Be conscious of your packaging.

Even small operations can choose to be more thoughtful about the type of packaging used to ship products. Your at-home business can decrease waste by being mindful of the materials you send along with your merchandise.

For smaller items, use recycled and reusable envelopes, so customers don’t have to waste more packaging for returns. Larger items often require more packaging but choosing to use more environmentally friendly materials can still make a difference.

Selecting biodegradable or recycled papers and cardboards, avoiding plastics and bubble wrap, and minimizing the amount of packaging you use overall can decrease your effect on the environment.

These small changes show that your brand is focused on sustainability and attentive to the details when it comes to serving environmentally minded customers. 

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