Solving complex SEO problems when standard fixes don’t apply

Solving complex SEO problems when standard fixes don’t apply

Even experienced SEOs occasionally face challenges where traditional best practices fail.

Hannah Thorpe, head of SEO strategy at Found, and Arsen Rabinovich, founder and managing partner at, deal with these types of thorny challenges on a daily basis. They’ll be discussing their approach to solving complex SEO problems at our SMX East conference in New York Citynext month.

I asked them both to describe some of the more difficult SEO problems that can’t be fixed using traditional approaches.

“The biggest SEO problems I see often are from businesses growing into new markets, without laying the proper foundations first,” said Thorpe. “From being a single market, single language facing site, it’s not as simple just tacking on extra folders or a new TLD and hoping for the best. Inherent structural differences or problems are one of the hardest SEO problems to fix.”

Website structure and architecture can also cause ranking and search result visibility problems, according to Rabinovich. “I would have to throw topic focus and organization related problems into the ‘no standard fix’ group. Since most sites are fairly unique when it comes to their content and its organization, it becomes difficult to standardize a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to fixing them.

“Topic organization and focus issues don’t easily present themselves during crawls and typical SEO ‘health’ checks, thus making them difficult to diagnose, and when untreated can lead to other issues as the website expands. Most of the time, these problems are a byproduct of other, typically technical SEO issues,” he said.

So if these types of problems are relatively difficult to detect, how do you even diagnose/discover them?

For both, diagnosis always begins with understanding what’s going on with the crawling and indexing of a site.

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