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Over the past month, I’ve been a guest on two podcasts you’ve never heard of — and that’s one big reason I agreed to be a guest.

I’ve been fortunate over my 27-year career to have been interviewed on both network news (CBS Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight) and cable news (Fox News, CNN). However, those appearances are infrequent — I’m a CPA and financial counselor, not a campaign analyst, so I’m not in demand all the time.

Yet I need to be ready for such interviews whenever I’m called upon. So, in fact, do you. Nothing establishes an entrepreneur’s credibility more than other people calling you an expert.

But like a major league ballplayer who takes batting practice in the offseason, we all need to stay sharp between those sporadic interviews. Just as there’s a skill to your core business, there’s an equal skill in promoting it through media interviews.

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