Matching Content to Consumers

Matching Content to Consumers

Artificial intelligence is influencing nearly every aspect of the consumer experience, including how automobiles are bought and sold.

Outsell, a marketing automation/CRM offering designed for auto dealers, for example, recently announced that it has launched a new addition to its AI-driven NeuroMotics platform: Inventory Mover.

The inventory recommendation engine will make it possible to automatically sort through consumers in an auto dealer’s database, identify in-market consumers, predict which cars will appeal to each consumer, and dynamically shows unique live inventory recommendations to each consumer via automated, individualized emails.

Outsell suggested that its clients are experiencing returns from 9 times to 30 times their investment in the platform. With every car sitting unsold, dealers can pay hundreds of dollars in interest (which cuts into their profits), making automated solutions of this nature quite appealing to automotive dealers.

“Inventory Mover significantly enhances a dealer’s ability to move their inventory quicker,” said Bryan Harwood, President of Outsell.

“Outsell not only helps dealers determine who’s in market, but can now match the right inventory that appeals most to individual consumers. Our dealer customers are excited about this new solution — a significant number have already subscribed to it, pre-launch.”

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