Google’s ‘Stay in the Loop’ will alert you about mentions on web

Google will now alert users when their names are mentioned on the Internet. The new ‘Stay in the loop’ feature will send users a report to their Gmail id whenever their name is mentioned on the web. Reports say the feature is live in India. Users can tweak settings in ‘Stay in the loop’ widget to get these alerts.

First up, users need to make sure they’re logged in to their Google account and that Google has been granted permission to track Web and App Activity. This can be switched on from the Activity Controls menu. “Save your search activity on apps and in browsers to make searches faster and get customized experiences in Search, Maps, Now, and other Google products,” says the Activity Controls page.

Next, the Stay in the loop widget will appear right at the bottom of the first page of results. Setting up Google Alerts from here on is easy. There’s already user’s name in quotes on the Google Alerts page. Users can choose from a number of suggestions to get alerts for. Categories vary from music and companies to politics, sports and automobiles. Delivery time can be chosen form settings button. There’s also a digest button that allows users to receive all alerts in a single mail. Other settings that can be tweaked with include source type, language, email frequency and region.

Guemmy Kim, Product Manager, Account Controls and Settings had announced Stay in the Loop feature back in June. It was, however, not rolled out at that time. Google rolled out new improvements and controls for My Account recently. It launched the Find you phone to help users find their smartphones when lost or stolen. It also unveiled new ways to access My Account through voice commands

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