ExpressVPN’s Random Password Generator

Get a secure and random password. All passwords are securely generated on your device only and are never sent across the internet.

ExpressVPN’s password generator allows you to generate multiple passwords at the same time to add an extra layer of security. Wondering if your password is strong enough? Key it in the blank to estimate the number of years it takes to crack it by brute force. Recommended by leading security experts, this generator uses your own device to generate a password so it’s never sent across the internet nor retained by the site in question. To take password security this one step further, you can even download the generator to create passwords offline.

How to generate a strong password

The password above is new, generated by your device when you opened this page. Click the Copy button and paste it wherever you need. If you need a new one, click Regenerate. Check the Character Types boxes or use the Password Length slider to change specifications. 

The ExpressVPN Password Generator uses your device to estimate the time to crack the password in the box by brute force (a computer churning through random guesses). Please note: A password that is mathematically complex but not random (such as P4s$w0rd987) might be easy to guess by searching for variations on common words or using a list of leaked passwords.

How secure is my password?

For all the talk of massive data breaches dominating the headlines, the rules for generating a secure password are actually not that complicated: Make it long, make it random, and make it unique. A 50-character password of nothing but 1s wouldn’t be random or unique, and neither would the lyrics to “Hotel California,” your kids’ birthdays, or that same password you’ve been reusing with minor tweaks for a decade. In all likelihood, nothing you could think up on your own is truly random; the human brain just doesn’t work that way.

Hours to crack a password using brute force

That’s where our Random Password Generator comes in. Use it to create a secure password for every site and service you use. The default settings should generate a password strong enough for most purposes (although adding characters neverhurts). Use a password manager to keep track of them all. And for those rare situations where you must rely on your memory, such as the password for accessing your password manager itself, we recommend a string of words pulled one by one from a dictionary. Keeping yourself safe in this digital age requires digital solutions—but a dash of the analog can help in a pinch.

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