7 Reasons Why SEO Is The Best Investment

7 Reasons Why SEO Is The Best Investment


With the ever-shifting market becoming harder and harder to track as time goes by, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has seen its fair share of traction recently. Over the years, SEO has become one of the most effective tools at a marketer’s disposal. Essentially, the concept revolves around optimizing a site stand out online, thereby boosting visibility and, as a direct result, internet traffic. This has made SEO useful and accessible to larger corporations looking to preserve their standing but also smaller ones, looking to get their business going and compete with the big fish in the proverbial pond.

1. It’s Everywhere 

Unsurprisingly, SEO has seen a large rise in popularity in recent times. With just about 3 billion people using the internet globally, opting not to tap into that resource would be a waste. Setting everything up is relatively easy, with some situations only requiring the installation of a plugin. By optimizing one’s site to cater to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, businesses large and small get a shot of ranking among the top results. With benefits like these, it’s apparent that SEO is here to stay.

2. The Best ROI Out There 

When talking about SEO, the thing most people are interested is the ROI or Return of Investment. When SEO is concerned, continuous ROI improvement is almost guaranteed. The investment is extremely cheap if done correctly and pays itself off fairly quickly. Once a company does its homework and rises among its competitors via SEO, it will see a noticeable rise in internet traffic, resulting in higher conversion rates across the board. With a steady influx of customers and their numbers perpetually rising, ROI is one thing no one has to worry about.

3. One Ups The Competition 

Like in every business imaginable, there is going to be competition. By investing in SEO, people are given the unique opportunity of literally one upping their competitors. We are all very much aware that, when searching for something online, if it’s not on the first page – it might as well not exist. Going even further, most people have a tendency to only look at the top three results, making your ranking matter even more.

4. Visibility Skyrockets 

With so many people using the internet and, more importantly, search engines to navigate around it – sites have started to see an unprecedented amount of traffic and visibility. This visibility helps companies save on conventional advertising by giving them more than ample opportunity to find themselves at the right time in the right place. It is important to note that although SEO gives a staggering amount of traction, it is by no means a replacement for conventional online advertising, it’s just organic.

5. SEO Generates Crucial Organic Site Traffic 

Building on the point above, SEO’s true strength comes from its ability to generate organic traffic. What this means is that people aren’t bombarded by ads to go to a site, they are given the results when they want it. This sense of agency removes the bitter taste in most people’s mouths when going to a company’s website by making them feel like they initiated the visit themselves, unaware of what’s going on under the hood.

6. AMP is just around the corner 

With today’s tech turning more and more towards mobile, it’s only a matter of time until sites are required to be optimized for phones as well. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pagesare slowly becoming more of a mainstream thing and a new industry standard, making pages load instantly on mobile devices through a highly-optimized way of stringing content together. This optimization help companies reach out to customers while they’re on the move as well. Having the entirety of a page load in a second or two could mean the difference between a sale and a frustrated visitor.

7. It Provides Real-Time Feedback 

When everything is set in place, comes the fun part – the metrics. SEO provides a unique look into everything that happens on your site like customer retention, are users local or global, conversion rates, what caught whose attention etc. Search engine optimization allows for concrete, quantifiable, convenient, and actionable analytics that not all business investments offer. This is an invaluable source of information which, as emphasized by theGreen Web Marketing Company, gives insight into what works and helps optimize troubled areas even more to stimulate growth. With all this information readily available and constantly offering opportunities to improve, it really is a no-brainer.


SEO is here to stay, simple as that. However sad it may be that we are purposely burying ourselves in digital realities instead of the one around us, it does provide a unique opportunity to get one’s point across. With a strong online presence, small businesses are pulling in more traffic than they ever would’ve dreamed of if they started i.e. a decade or two ago. This gives marketing a subtler approach, forgoing reeling in customers for the unique practice of letting them come in themselves.

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