5 Ways to Optimize and Accelerate Your LinkedIn Company Page in 2019

Here are the top five ways that companies can optimize a company page on LinkedIn in 2019.

The latest 2019 LinkedIn statistics support the importance to companies of having a well-established presence on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn has more than 30 million companies on its platform.
  • LinkedIn is almost three times (277 percent) more effective in generating leads than Twitter and Facebook.

Even though LinkedIn can recognize Boolean operators and filter results according to the user’s search requirements to bring up the name of the company in the search results, companies still need to optimize their company page on the platform.

With a focus on following LinkedIn company page best practices and increased competition as the LinkedIn algorithm continues to evolve, here are the top five ways that companies can optimize a company page on LinkedIn in 2019:

1. Optimize for SEO.

Companies need to optimize their company page on LinkedIn for SEO. An SEO-friendly LinkedIn profile will increase online visibility among users searching for information on them, such as the types of products they offer and the services they provide. Companies can optimize their LinkedIn profile doing the following:

  • Inserting keywords and phrases into their company profile.
  • Creating links to their company profile by adding it to their official website, blog and other marketing and promotional material.
  • Sharing relevant and engaging content on a regular basis

2. Create a visually compelling company profile.

Companies need to create a visually compelling LinkedIn profile by combining text with an image — recommended size is 1200 x 627 pixels. Since the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words, adding images will provide companies with 94 percent more views.

Consequently, a company needs to take proactive measures in ensuring that they upload articles with pictures, infographics, charts, presentations and more. They can also consider creating and uploading videos on LinkedIn. They can publish these visuals with text on LinkedIn’s publishing platform as well as on their company page.

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