40 Fantastic Freebies Every Designer MUST Download

Freebies are always loved by designers, whether we’re talking about tools, mockups, fonts, plugins, templates or others. The reason why they are so popular is because they ease the designers’ work, save them precious time and also inspire them to create better projects.

There is a good number of design freebies around the web, but not all of them have the ideal quality. That is why we decided to gather here 40 fantastic freebies you MUST download right away! You will love our hand-picked freebies so hurry up and add them to your freebies collection for later use!

We covered a wider range of freebies for print, logo, app and even web designers. You will find below some great free mockups, free HTML templates, free UI kits, free icon sets, and even free stock photos! You will find them separated into categories, for easy browsing.

Check them out and download the ones you like most. Enjoy!

source – http://www.webdesigndev.com/freebies-must-download/

source –

Author: georged31093

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