40 Best Free Tumblr Themes You Should Check Out

Tumblr is still a very popular blogging platform, especially for those who want to focus more on visuals rather than on written content.

If you want to improve your Tumblr blogging experience, you should think about changing your theme. We decided to gather here 40 free Tumblr themes worth checking out. You will find themes with infinite scroll, responsive designs, flat styles, grid layouts and more!

Grow your community of followers by attracting them with a sleek, fresh design for your Tumblr! You can easily modify these pre-defined themes and turn your blog design from boring to outstanding!

If you see a free Tumblr theme you like, you can download or install the theme from the preview page. Enjoy!

40 Best Free Tumblr Themes You Should Check Out

How to Remove News Headlines from Spotlight Search in iOS

Spotlight Search displays various ‘news’ headlines in modern versions of iOS, and while some users may find this information useful, others don’t care to see what are often tabloid-like headlines splashed across their iPhone and iPad search function. Fortunately with a little effort you can quickly turn off the News headlines from Spotlight and stop them from appearing entirely. – http://osxdaily.com/2016/07/17/remove-news-headlines-spotlight-ios/